Feature Friday: Anderson Creek News, 12 November 1920

The following is from the 12 November 1920 issue of The Franklin Press, found on page two. From the people named, I believe Anderson Creek was located in the Cartoogechaye area of Macon County, North Carolina.

“Anderson Creek News” was a community column. I’ve included it in its entirety as many of these individuals were related to the Andersons, by marriage or blood.

Anderson Creek News.

Nov. 9.-The farmers are busy digging potatoes and gathering corn.

Miss Florence Anderson returned home last Wednesday, after an extended visit to relatives in Cherokee County.

Mrs. Andy Ledford was the guest of Mrs. J. M. Dills last Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Delia McClure was visiting Mrs. Hez Dills last Sunday.

Miss Cecily Dills and Mr. Frank Kimsey were visiting at Mr. J. M. Dills’ Sunday.

Mrs. Jane Williamson and daughter Emma were visiting on Poplar Cove Sunday.

Mr. Edward Rainey spent the week end with home folks.

Mr. Arthur Dills and family have moved to Mr. Harley Ledbetter’s farm.

There will be a singing at Cartoogechaye next Sunday afternoon. Everybody come.

Mrs. Dan Sweatman was the guest of Mrs. Lawrence Dills last Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Dills made a flying trip to town last Monday.

Mrs. Jerry Dills was visiting Mrs. Hez Dills last Monday afternoon.

Miss Florence Anderson was the guest of her cousin, Miss Annie Will Anderson, Sunday.

Mr. R. A. Anderson gave a corn shucking one night last week. A large crowd was present and shucked lots of corn. All reported a nice time.

Miss Lila Huscusson spent one night last week with her sister, Mrs. John Williamson.

Mrs. Ed Ramey spent one night last week with Mrs. Will Anderson.

Miss Florence Anderson was the guest of Mrs. Harley Huscusson one night the past week.