Amanuensis Monday: Mansfield Anderson’s Second Bounty Land Claim, 7 April 1855

Continuing with papers from Mansfield and Harriet Anderson’s pension and bounty land warrant applications file. Previous posts include:


STATE OF North Carolina }

On this 7 day of April, A. D. one thousand eight
hundred and fifty five, personally appeared before me, J L Moore
a Justice of the Peace, duly authorized to administer oaths within and for
the County and State aforesaid, Mansfield Anderson aged 61
years, a resident of Macon in the State of North Carolina who being duly
sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Mansfield Anderson
who was a musician in the Company commanded by Captain John Porter
in the 3rd Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers
commandec [sic] by [blank] in the war of 1812 & 14
that he volunteered at Fayettville Lincoln cty. Tenn. on or about
the [blank] of [blank] A. D. 1812 for the
term of Three months and continued in actual service in the said war for the term
of Three months and was honorably discharged at Fayettville Lincoln cty Tenn
on the [blank] of [blank] A. D. 1812 as will Show by reference
to the muster Role
on account of the Tern [sic] Expiring for which he volunteered
as will appear by the muster rolls of said Company.

He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may be en-
titled under the “act granting additional bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been en-
gaged in the military service of the United States,” approved March 3, 1855. And refers to his former
declaration made under act of 1850 upon which he obtained
a Land Warrant No. not recollected, for forty acres, which he having
legally transferred and disposed of, is not within his power now to return.

He further declares that he has not received a warrant for bounty land under any other act of
Congres, nor made any application therefor, that the one above referred to, under act of 1850
upon which he obtained the said Land Warrant, No. not recollected for Forty acres, and
the one now presented.

Mansfield Anderson

Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year above written; and I hereby certify that I be-
lieve the said Mansfield Anderson who signed
and executed the above declaration, and is now present, to be the identical man who served as aforesaid,
and that he is of the age above stated, and that I have no interest in said claim.

J S Moore J. P.

STATE OF North Carolina }
Personally appeared T Allman and H R Kimzey
citizehs [sic] of the said County and State oferesaid [sic], who being duly sworn, depose and say that they are per-
sonally acquainted with Mansfield Anderson and that he is the
person now present who signs and executes the within declaration.

T. Allman
H R Kimzey

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of April
A. D. 1855; and I certify that the said T Allman and
H R Kimzey are credible and respectable citizens.

J S Moore J. P

The back of this page contains a pre-printed Power of Attorney, used by Mansfield to grant N. G. Allman the authority to act on Mansfield’s behalf regarding the bounty land warrant.

A related document in this file was titled SUSPENDED BOUNTY LAND CLAIM RE-EXAMINED, dated 2 June 1856. It gave a brief summary of Mansfield’s service. There was no explanation in the file as to why the claim was re-examined, nor did any document state exactly where Mansfield’s original bounty land was located, although there was a notation on piece of paper that he “recd Wart 15588″ and, farther down, was “alld 120 acres” on 9 June 1856.

An article at Wikipedia that described bounty land for War of 1812 veterans as being located in Arkansas, Illinois, and Missouri.


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