Amanuensis Monday: Mansfield Anderson’s Second Bounty Land Claim, 7 April 1855

Continuing with papers from Mansfield and Harriet Anderson’s pension and bounty land warrant applications file. Previous posts include:


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Amanuensis Monday: Mansfield Anderson Chooses Land, 13 December 1850

Continuing with papers from Mansfield and Harriet Anderson’s pension and bounty land warrant applications file. Previous posts include:

The following letter was a bit puzzling because I couldn’t make out the location of land desired.

Franklin N C Dembr 13th 1850

Dear Sir

Inclosed I Send you my declaration
for Land bounty & discharge which I wish
you would have the case attended to I wish the
to locate my land in the [illegible]

Yours &c
Mansfield Anderson

To the commission of Pensions

The illegible location looks to me like a possible phonetic rendering of Arkansas, but you be the judge:

Any thoughts on what that word could be?

Treasure Chest Thursday: Joseph B. Anderson and Eliza Battle’s Marriage Records, Macon Co., NC

The following three documents were taken from the microfilm (C.061 60001) of marriage bonds held at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh for Macon County, North Carolina. The term “bonds” is perhaps misleading because while there are many marriage bonds in these records, there are also other accompanying records, as can be seen here.

I apologize for the fuzzy nature of the images. These were the best copies I could obtain using the microfilm reader at the Macon County Library in Franklin.

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Amanuensis Monday: Mansfield Anderson’s Discharge from Service in the War of 1812, 4 January 1814

Last week, I posted Mansfield Anderson’s declaration of service in the War of 1812, which was part of his and Harriet’s pension and bounty land warrant applications file, held by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and available on fold3.

Below is a transcription of Mansfield’s original discharge of service for the War of 1812, an item he carried with him from Fayetteville, Tennessee, where he served from October 1813 to January 1814, to Mississippi where the family later lived, back to eastern Tennessee, and finally to Macon Co., NC, where the family settled several decades after the war’s end. Even in the digital image of this document, you can see the wear marks and holes worn into the paper from its long journey.

Fayetteville Janry 13th1814

This is to Certify that Mansfielde Anderson
A musitian in my Company west Tennessee
Militia part of the 1st Reghment of this State
Commanded by Colonl John K Wynn
Did on the 4th Day of Octobr 1813 Join
the army and Continued in Service from the
above Date until the 4th January 1814 and
acted with all Credit and Respect of the
Department & is hereby Hounarably Discharged

John Porter Captain